This module will give learners an excellent foundational knowledge of activities that can help support optimal newborn oral function based on assessment findings. Lactation professionals have a duty to provide personalized care plan strategies as they relate to infant feeding and lactation. This lesson will cover exercises to support the jaw, cheeks, tongue, palate, and lips. We will cover activities to support optimal oral function and sucking skills. Learners will also recognize oral function concerns that require referral and connection to other allied health professionals.

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Session Objectives:

  • Based on oral assessment findings, the clinician will be able to identify specific areas of infant oral function that may benefit from supportive exercises and activities
  • Describe exercises and techniques that support function of the lips, jaw, cheeks, tongue , and sucking patterns
  • Identify contraindications for oral work and when to refer


IBLCE Blueprint Areas Covered:

  • III. Pathology, A. Infant
  • VI. Techniques
  • VII. Clinical Skills, B. Education and Communication


Time: 75 minutes

Cost: $45


Access for 90 days.

Includes 1.25 IBLCE CERPs upon completion.

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Love all your classes!...I really enjoyed seeing the video clips with the exercises and letting us know when it's appropriate to use.... Thank you so much!


"This was my first time taking a course from you. I am so excited to enroll in a bunch more."


"Very informative and helpful, I've been using this information almost every day in private practice."


"Alllll of the things in this course were my aha moment. I'm so thankful for this knowledge to support families and to understand more about oral function."


"Your presentation reminded me of what I continue to tell myself and others: Everyone has his/her own health journey. Each family assessment, especially in follow up visits, requires a continual "check in" with everyone regarding if each person believes improvements are occurring. Positive public health, (spiritual, physical, emotional) is the overall goal. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Melissa!!"


"This course has been so helpful to my overall understanding of different suck training but also other types of treatment modalities & when to refer to other practitioners!"

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