Many parents are struggling to cope with babies that are fussy and uncomfortable due to digestive health concerns. This module explores digestive system development, as well as gut healing and coping strategies for infants struggling with colic, reflux, food allergies, oral restrictions impacting proper swallowing, and beyond. Having a foundational understanding of infant gut health and care strategies can be useful tools for any practitioner working with infants and their families.

In Common Infant Digestive Concerns: Care Strategies for the Allied Health Professional, we will critically examine what's normal, and what isn’t normal, when it comes to stooling, spit-up, reflux, colic/fussiness, food sensitivities, and more. 


Session Objectives:

  • Understand the physiological process of how allergens can pass from parent to baby¬†

  • Identify the differences between sensitivities and allergies¬†

  • Understand the development and importance of the neonatal enteric nervous system¬†

  • Identify care plan ideas for infants coping with digestive issues¬†


IBLCE Blueprint Areas Covered:

  • I. Development and Nutrition, A. Infant
  • III. Pathology, A. Infant
  • V. Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology
  • VII. Clinical Skills, B. Education and Communication


Time: 90 minutes

Cost: $50


Access for 90 days.

Includes 1.5 IBLCE CERPs upon completion.

(Email¬†[email protected]¬†for information about discounts for Tier 2, 3 countries)



"I love hearing from Melissa and how she ties evidenced based research into her talks with case studies. I appreciate her multifocal and holistic look at solutions to difficult situations."


"Fabulous! Such a great talk. SO much information which was practical and easy to follow despite the huge amount of detail. Thank you very much." 


Melissa, I really enjoyed this presentation. You do such a great job of simplifying the complex! I will definitely use a lot of this information with my patients. You have a nice way of putting words to these issues that make so much sense. You are such a great speaker!


 "I really enjoyed the Case Study on Baby S.... just putting all of the pieces together. I feel so many of the cases we are involved in are truly multifactorial, and this case sums it up so nicely. I really appreciated/enjoyed the holistic care options!"


"Glad for Melissa's balanced approach and clear format - makes all this info easier to grasp."


"Amazing information. I think this helped me to put together a lot of facts I knew into a more usable system."


"Fabulous evidential basis for practical support of families with babies having GI issues!"

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