Knowing how to access comprehensive herbal information for patients can be a lot to research.

Not anymore!

We've compiled all that information for you in the Herbal Database for Lactation and Postpartum Care.

Easily access herbal safety considerations, herb-drug contraindications, common dosages, specific indications for use, available evidence, and more.

Whether on your desktop or mobile device, clinical herbal information will be at your fingertips!

The Herbal Database includes herbal information about:

  • Galactagogues
  • Anti-Galactagogues
  • Pain & Infection
  • Pediatrics
  • Mood Support
  • Adult Digestive Support
  • Nutritive Support
  • Milk-Ejection Reflex Support
  • Over-the-Counter Herbal Blends
  • Herbs for Adult Immune Support
  • Herbs for Coughs & Colds
  • Herbs for Use in Pregnancy
  • Herbs for Adult Sleep Support
  • Herbal Safety for Lactation
  • Herbal Reference List
  • Herbal Action Definitions

Here's an example of the content you'll find in the Herbal Database:


"I just grabbed the database this morning. The OTC herbal blends section is just killer. Well done on the database-thank you!"

 - Herbal Database Subscriber


"Three cheers for this [Over-the-Counter Herbal Blends] section! I just sat down and looed at every single blend listed and was able to narrow down the only 3 that were ok for my client considering her SSRI and nifedipine combo. I would have steered in a different direction otherwise! Thank you!"

- Herbal Database Subscriber


"I just subscribed. I feel like this will save me hours of research and that is money well-spent to have this information accessible in one easy place. THANK YOU!...This is a dream come true, seriously.”

- Herbal Database Subscriber


“I'm LOVING the Herbal Database so much! It’s so helpful when working with moms with health issues. Thank you, thank you!”

- IBCLC, Herbal Database Subscriber


“I’m thoroughly enjoying the herbal database and use it every day. I love it. Great investment for my practice.”

– IBCLC, Herbal Database Subscriber

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