Infant Oral Assessment: Exploring Function and Anatomy Beyond the Frenulum


This module is designed for health professionals involved in the care of the pre-crawling infant. It is designed to enhance the care provider’s understanding, assessment, and management of oral function issues as they impact infant feeding and development.


In this module you will learn how to:

  • Describe the stages of infant orofacial development in embryogenesis
  • Identify normal and abnormal infant oral anatomical presentations
  • Understand basic infant oral assessment techniques


"This workshop should be a requirement for IBCLCs."

- IBCLC, Course Participant


Cost: $35

Access for 90 days, includes 1.0 IBLCE CERP upon completion.

(Email [email protected] for information about discounts for Tier 2, 3 countries)



"Great presentation! I loved the video of you doing an assessment it really helped me to understand how to streamline my own oral assessments."

 - Course Participant


"I've worked for several years with infants and feeding. It was good to see that I am doing most of the things mentioned in this course, however the detail to which it was explained was really helpful. I have not thought about embryological development for quite some time. That was really helpful. The handout was great as well. As always, much respect to you Melissa. Thank you."

 - Course Participant


"I just wanted to reiterate that your sessions are simply wonderful. They honor the student, the parents, the baby. I love how you thank the baby throughout each session, letting the baby know that they are in charge and have control over their world when they are working with you. It is such an important model of care. Seriously, I almost started crying with your sincere thanks to the baby doing tummy time. Thank you so much, Melissa. These sessions will positively impact all of the future students who take this course."

 - Course Participant

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