This module will cover new thoughts on prenatal breast assessment and parental support strategies in the prenatal period. Health professionals working with parents in pregnancy have a unique chance to assess and discuss feeding questions and concerns with clients in the prenatal period. There are many factors that can impact lactation success including certain health concerns, medications, breast development, endocrine issues, etc.  Parents appreciate having thoughtful insight regarding these issues prior to delivery. In my clinical experience, a resounding theme when feeding issues arise from a condition that may have been identified prenatally is, "why didn't anyone tell me?" During this session, providers will learn how to assess breasts and nipples prenatally, identify potential red flags for lactation success and cultivate a meaningful dialog in order to discuss these concerns with the parents they serve.


Session Objectives:

  • Identify prenatal lactation considerations
  • Describe the importance of lactation education and support in the prenatal period and beyond
  • Understand breast assessment techniques for the prenatal period
  • Identify prenatal lactation “red flags” and when to refer


IBLCE Blueprint Areas Covered:

  • I. Development and Nutrition, B. Maternal
  • II. Physiology and Endocrinology, A. Physiology of Lactation
  • II. Physiology and Endocrinology, B. Endocrinology
  • III. Pathology, B. Maternal
  • VII. Clinical Skills, A. Equipment and Technology
  • VII. Clinical Skills, B. Education and Communication


Time: 95 minutes

Cost: $50


Access for 90 days.

Includes 1.5 IBLCE CERPs upon completion.

(Email [email protected] for information about discounts for Tier 2, 3 countries)



"I struggle with creating care plans and [am] very disorganized in my thoughts when I do prenatals. This was helpful to figure out how to deal with IGT and where to start. Love that you mentioned about the measurements because I wondered if this was appropriate."


"Love your teaching style and you make it affordable so I can learn so much more. I really appreciate your time and knowledge."

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