A hotly debated topic among clinicians is post-frenectomy care. There are a few emerging theories and clinical practice ideas when it comes to frenectomy aftercare for the newborn. Clinicians and families sometimes struggle with the idea of how to balance efficient post-frenectomy care while minimizing stress and discomfort of the newborn. While the evidence strongly points to the benefit of frenectomy for tongue-tied neonates, there is little published evidence regarding best aftercare practices. During this presentation we will explore the lactation consultant’s role in supporting the family post-frenectomy. We will also discuss neonatal pain and pain management strategies and the impact of stress on wound healing. This presentation will help provide a well-rounded view of frenectomy aftercare strategies lactation professionals should consider when supporting families coping with post frenectomy concerns.


Session Objectives:

  • Describe the role of the lactation professional post-frenectomy
  • Describe how oral wounds heal
  • Identify at least three post-frenectomy pain relief and care plan ideas


IBLCE Blueprint Areas Covered:

  • III. Pathology, A. Infant
  • VII. Clinical Skills, B. Education and Communication
  • VII. Clinical Skills, D. Research


Time: 90 minutes

Cost: $50


Access for 90 days.

Includes 1.5 IBLCE CERPs upon completion.

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"I really loved hearing about the ways to sooth baby post-frenectomy such as music, low lighting and skin to skin."


"Finally someone else is acknowledging that the baby feels pain, and that the tongue is attached to the baby. I feel like I have been the only one in the community that understood the anxiety the exercises cause parents."


"I loved thinking about creating a calm, soothing environment for before and after the procedure as well as during exercises. So many families say that their babies HATE the wound care -- I think a lot of providers are really heavy-handed. I would love to have your cute movie-star video to share with families!"


"I loved the before and after pics! It was really helpful to review the stages of wound healing and how the wounds can look different with laser vs. scissor."


"I just finished taking your Supporting Optimal Healing Outcomes course for Infant Frenotomy and wanted to just drop a line to tell you how much I appreciate your compassionate, but clinically based education and care. I’ve been taking your courses for several years and they were a very big part in how I chose to devote my career to infant feeding. I’ve also been a parent of an infant with a tongue tie and learned first hand how rough that aftercare can be when in the throws of newborn life and post partum. It means so much to know there is a clinician I respect and whose voice I trust putting education out of quality care for tongue ties that is comprehensive, effective, compassionate, and realistic. I’ve modeled much of my recommended wound care post-frenotomy after what you have recommended and have had loads of awesome feeding success for my babies. The lack of comprehensive research and high quality evidence in this particular area continues to prove a challenge for me in getting some of my providers to refer appropriately, but I’m hopeful that the stories of success and compassionate care from my families will make it back to them so that we can continue to support infant feeding as much as possible. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line beyond the course evaluation to let you know how impactful you are."

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