“Tongue tie”, clinically known as ankyloglossia, is a topic of growing interest and evidence. Tongue tie can restrict proper lingual functionality and mobility. This restriction can cause feeding and lactation difficulties for infants and parents. Ankyloglossia can also present other health issues through the lifespan. Feeding challenges can be complicated and multi-factorial. A comprehensive understanding of infant oral anatomy and lingual function can help clinicians better assess and care for the patients they serve. While tongue and lip tie issues have been a hot topic in recent years, there is much more to the subject that needs to be discussed. Proper evaluation techniques, understanding oral anatomy, and pre-and post-frenectomy support are vital for healthcare professionals working with infants and families.

Tongue and Lip Tie: A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Care will provide clinical assessment and care strategies. This course will review the available evidence around ankyloglossia and related procedures. This module is designed to meet the needs of anyone who clinically assesses infants, works with feeding issues, and/or provides lactation and infant feeding care.


Cost: $45

Participants who complete this module will receive 1.50 IBLCE CERPs.



"This was the BEST tongue tie course I have taken...you put the most important info into an hour. I loved how you communicated and stayed on the research side...you are truly a gift!!"

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